Change my password

  • Open Settings by clicking the gear on the top left of your screen
  • Click “change password”

Change my username

  • Go to your profile
  • Click “edit profile”
  • Enter your new username

Change my profile photo

  • Go to your profile
  • Click “edit profile”
  • Click on your profile picture icon, either take a photo or upload your own

Triller with friends

  • Each of you will have to make separate triller clips to the same song
  • Save your clips to your camera roll
  • Share those clips with your friends via text, email, etc. and have them share theirs with you
  • Upload those clips into your project and create a triller video combining your clips and their clips!

Add a filter

  • You can either add a filter before you film a clip or after
  • To do it before filming, select the 2 circles in the top right of the camera screen
  • Choose the filming, select the thumbnail of the clip you want to add the filter to on the camera screen
  • Then select the filter you would like

Select a cover image

  • Go to profile page and click “edit profile”
  • Select “cover image” and either upload your own or take a photo

Make a video private

  • Once your video is complete, you have the option to make it private simply by clicking the “Make my Video Private” switch before you publish

Find my draft videos

  • Go to your profile page and click “projects” Only videos that have been posted on private or public will be seen here. However, these you can edit and change the order of clips again if you’d like to through these projects.

Export a video

  • Go to your profile and select the video you want to export
  • Click the three (3) dots at the bottom right hand corner of the video
  • Select “share”
  • Export the video to your socials or download it to your camera roll

Delete a video

  • Go to your profile and select the video you want to delete
  • Click the three (3) dots at the bottom right corner of the video and select “delete”

Make a Vlog

  • Click “make a vlog” rather than make a music video
  • The first clip you record will utilize the audio of that clip throughout the entire clip
  • The clips you film after that will act as B-roll so that you can change around in order to make a documentary style video!

Upload your own video

  • Click “make a vlog”
  • Upload your already edited video from your camera roll
  • Click preview. This is will allow you to upload clips without having to put any audio over them like in the “Make a Music Video” feature

Delete Triller Account

Get the most out of Triller

What is the “community” feed

  • Over 100+ of the top videos updated daily

What is the “following” feed

  • Your followers videos. Follow more Triller users to see more content!

Wallet, Gold and Gems

What is my wallet?

  • Your wallet is where you can view your gold balance, your gift history and buy gold. If you are a verified content creator, you can also view your gems balance.

What is gold?

  • Gold is Triller currency. It can be used to donate to others or others can donate it to you! These can then be exchanged for Gems when you cashout to equate to real cash.

What are gems?

  • Gems are earned from acquiring gold. When you have enough gold, you can turn that into Gems which you can then exchange it for real cash.

How do I get gold?

  • Gold can be bought as an in-app purchase through your wallet. Just select the amount you want to acquire and follow the payment confirmation prompts that appear.

How do I get gems?

  • If you are a verified content creator, you can earn gems through gold your followers gift.

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